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Diana GromovaDiana Gromova from Belarus, Gomel is 16 years old.

Diana started her professional career of vocal singer from 5 years. The first year of her education was very successful  - she won the general price in the competition of young singers. From that time Diana never stops. She is the winner of 11 different vocal competitions in Belarus and abroad. In 2002  Diana started her education in Music School. The lessons help her to write her own songs "Ledi Diana", "The Land for Children", "We are going together". Today you can here them on different radio stations. In 2010 she went to Hollywood to participate in a big International Championship of Modern Arts. She came back with 3 medals and she was called the best voice in America among children her age. Diana all the time work on her self - this year she was invited in famous Dance Academy of Lucia Martha's in Holland. Diana spend two weeks with the best teachers and work on different spheres of dancing and singing. Accept singing she also attend actor lessons and she like to learn new languages - now she is learning Dutch.

Her favorite singers are - Lara Fabian. Celine Dion, Maria Kerry. She also spend much time to the questions of charity. Diana believes - that if you want something you wishes will come true, but she know that for this you have to work very hard.