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Jury and the basis of valuation


1. The singers will be assessed of a three - member international jury. One to two members of jury are from Estonia.

2. The jury will assess singers interpretation, technical performance, song selection, and the level of songs´ difficulty in 10 points system.

3. Jury members will give to top 15 soloists and to 10 best ensembles written comments. The tutors will recieve comments at latest one month after the contest.

4. The jury is able to extradite only one I, II and III place Award. Nominated vocal soloists and ensembles must collect at least 45 points out of 50 in the first Grand Prix round.

5. In case the soloist or vocal ensemble exceeds time limit more than 30 seconds, they get one (1) minus point of the average sum from every minute exceeded.

6. Grand Prix winner will be selected by a simple majority.

7. The jury has the right to give special prizes and redistribute awards. The jury's decision is final and it is not a subject for an argument.


1st of November
11-13 y. soloists

1. Arno Tamm "Estonin Voices" ja ansambel "Paabel" laulja
2. Dave Benton laulja
3. Kadri Voorand  jazz laulja ja ansambel "Estonian Voices" laulja

14-16 y. soloists

1. Kadri Voorand  jazz laulja ja ansambel "Estonian Voices" laulja
2. Mikk Dede  "Estonian Voices " laulja 
3. Luisa Värk laulja ja Tähtede Laul patroon

11-13, 14-16 ja 17-21. y. vocal groups

1. Arno Tamm "Estonin Voices" ja anambels "Paabel" laulja
2. Kelli Uustani  laulja
3. Ursel Oja Ülenurme Muusikakooli vokaalpedagoog

2nd of November 
5-6 ja 7-10. y. soloists

1. Kaja Kaus  Tallinna Westholimi Gümnaasiumi  muusikaõpetaja
2. Merily Heinmaa Tallinna Ühisgümnaasiumi muusikaõpetaja ja lastekoori dirigent.
3. Ele Nugis