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Tähtede Laul  festival offers two opportunities for participation:

· Taking part in Festival

Hobby music shools, music shools etc… are welcome to  participate with performing groups (max 20 persons) in festival culture program.
There are different festival stages in the shopping centers, where will be held  non-stop concerts during the festival days.
The endurance of program  max.10 - 15 minutes.

All the participants  will have free entrance to the festival gala concert.
(Performers to the gala concert will be chosen by organizers).

· Taking part in contest

There are two categories: soloists and vocal groups in different age group .

soloists: 5-6. 7-10, 11-13 and 14-16 y.

vocal groups: 11-13. 14-16 and 17-21 y.